Success story

Specialised consultancy on vector search technologies.

Search Technology
Melbourne, Australia
Uplift vector search capabilties

Marqo, a leader in AI-powered search, initiated a series of projects to enhance its capabilities for handling billion-document datasets. Our consultancy's involvement was segmented into four key areas, each targeting specific challenges:

  • Billion-Document Scale Vector Search. We undertook comprehensive research on vector search technologies, particularly insights from whitepapers such as DiskANN, crafting a summary of the technology landscape and making recommendations as appropriate.
  • OpenSearch Benchmarking. A custom benchmarking suite was developed for OpenSearch using open-source datasets, enabling performance testing and continuous improvement to meet customer's specific criteria.
  • Lucene-Based Vector Storage and Search. An in-depth analysis of Lucene-based vector storage and search, informing Marqo's approach to vector data management.
  • Marqo Cloud on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). We led a GCP Marketplace implementation of the core Marqo assets, allowing Marqo's customers to easily provision and manage Marqo instances on Google Cloud.

These projects demonstrate our consultancy's commitment to fostering innovation and mutually beneficial relationships with our customers. The engagement not only upgraded Marqo's infrastructure but also positioned it as a frontrunner in the search technology landscape.

Tom Hamer, Marqo
" Partnering with Search Pioneer was a game-changer for Marqo.
Their strategic insights and technical prowess have us leading the pack in search technology. "