Success story

Architect and lead delivery on a new search pipeline architecture

Design & Publishing
Sydney, Australia
Uplift search capabilties for the whole business

Design and implementation of a search pipeline using clearly defined phases and steps.

The full articles can be read on the Canva Tech Blog:

Canva, a design and publishing platform, has nearly 50 entry points into its search system, which includes template results, editor ingredients, content management, application search, and user feedback. The platform's public content search can receive over 20,000 requests per second during peak times. The search and recommendation team comprises around 80-100 people who specialize in various fields.

The existing search architecture was a "big ball of mud", with four different search systems having their own architecture, conventions, and components. Canva needed to reimagine and refactor its search architecture to make it shareable and extensible.

The new architecture needed to accommodate individual teams and developers to contribute to a shared codebase without stepping on each other's feet, provide a dedicated channel for components to write explain logs, and support good observability, including system logs, metrics gathering, and tracing.

Ashin Ramesh, Canva
" Demonstrated deep technical experience in the search domain, which has led to a far improved technology stack here at Canva. "